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Re: [ietf-smtp] New proposal: SMTP Strict Transport Security

2016-03-21 17:13:02

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Subject: Re: [ietf-smtp] New proposal: SMTP Strict Transport Security

I think there are a couple of options for addressing this that involve some
mechanism of policy "pointers". For example, you could instead say that the
policy RR ( is merely a pointer to either a HTTPS URI
(which contains the policy potentially served via an SNI-aware server) or a
DNSSEC-served record (depending on your preferred authentication
mechanism). By
this approach the perishable bits of a policy can be hosted by the MX
and the *existence* of a policy still indicated by the policy domain owner.

Yes. I was also thinking that having one level of indirection might
better fit the SMTP model of mail domain and mail hosts. Let me make
an example to see if I understand you right:

The RR could contain the policy like
"" and also publish that same information under Then, any client would need to
access and authenticate two HTTPS resources:

-   ->
-     -> mx:... a:...

may be a CNAME could do the same ?

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