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Re: [ietf-smtp] oh, you want to sumbit faster, was [Proposal] confusing

2019-01-17 16:05:53
Sounds to me like it's time for STARTGZIP, preferably after
STARTTLS. It squeezes out the redundancy in base64 pretty well.

Might I suggest that everyone go back and reread the paragraph
starting "It must be emphasized..." in Section 3 of RFC 1425 ...

I was going to to into more detail but then realized I suggested the exact same thing three years ago:

One of the less broken suggestions was CDAT which is just like DATA except that the dot stuffed message is sent deflated (same as gzip without the file headers.) Deflate will shrink base64 pretty close to the original size, and also could help in the situation where a system sends a sequence of similar messages in an SMTP session, e.g., a bunch of order confirmations, or per-recipient customized bulk mail.

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