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[ietf-smtp] Email standard revision, was address maximum length

2019-11-24 05:36:02
On Sat 23/Nov/2019 13:35:00 +0100 John C Klensin wrote:
there is an effort afoot to get revisions to 5321 and 5322 out there.


[... guidelines for extension publishing omitted ...] because there is
about zero chance that anything would be included in a 5321bis that
would force it back to Proposed Standard.

Yet, I think something will have to be said about the now common habit of From:
rewriting.  Section 3.9, Mailing Lists and Aliases, still considers only
rewriting of the envelope from.  Reality now differs.

I don't think such changes would imply going back to PS, given the loosely
normative content of that section.


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