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Re: [ietf-smtp] Email standard revision, was address maximum length

2019-11-26 07:43:54
However, as I read RFC 2026, _any_ substantive change from the
Draft Standard 5321 that has not gone through Proposed Standard
in a separate document first takes the 5321bis document.
AFAICT, there is no exception there that allows introducing a
substantive change that would cause some existing conforming
implementations to become non-conforming and still have the
document move to Internet Standard, even if that change has been
widely implemented by large email providers.


But doesn't a document also require implementations? I admit I may not have paid attention to that part of the lesson, but I vaguely remember a field on the shepherding document that said "list conformant implementations here", or words to that effect.

The current limits of the localpart (character set, case sensitivity and length) seem a little lacking in implementations, compared to other parts of the document. So it might be both permissible and sensible to have the next document give a brief overview of current practice, note that some receivers do enforce <description blah bla description> and suggest rather than specify that senders stay within these limits.


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