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[ietf-smtp] draft-klensin-rfc5321bis-01

2019-12-04 16:15:07
Getting the -01 version posted took longer than expected,
partially because an XML issue (no nested comments and no "--"
in comments) got in the way.  No complaints and no one's fault,
but I didn't get it up yesterday as promised.

In any event, it is no up.  As explained Monday, no differences
from -00 other than hiding of the comments associated with the
2821->5321 update and transition, a new change log section to
match, and revision of the "Note on Reading..." at the
beginning.  I've checked diffs and don't think anything was
changed inadvertently but, if I missed something, it is a bug
and I'd appreciate a report.  If you find the full history
useful, read -00.

Again, this is not a proposal, a contribution to a WG, or an
assumption that a WG will be formed (or by what mechanism).  It
is just a contribution to give people an idea of what we are up
against, and what at least some of the outstanding issues are,
to consider if there is a proposal to move forward with a


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