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Re: [ietf-smtp] Endless debate on IP literals

2020-01-01 17:06:47
On 1/1/20 5:52 PM, John Levine wrote:

p.s. I suspect ietf-smtp doesn't want to dig down into details of how
IoT devices should authenticate submissions - at least not just yet -
and such a topic might be better discussed in a working group that's
specifically tailored to that purpose.   For now I just want people to
realize that some long-held assumptions may not be universlaly valid.
On the contrary, I'd like to understand what we can and can't expect
them to do, and how they match up with the facilities we already have.

Ok, why don't I take a step back and try to summarize what I've seen about the limitations of such environments, and then we can look at how well existing SMTP implementations and protocol features address the needs of such environments.

(But not tonight, I've spent too much time on ietf-smtp today already.)


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