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Re: [ietf-smtp] Endless debate on IP literals

2020-01-02 04:51:51
On Wed 01/Jan/2020 02:37:00 +0100 Keith Moore wrote:

I am starting to think that it's important to distinguish between

(a) SMTP the protocol, and

(b) The "globally-relevant Internet public email" service (GRIPE?  [*]) [...]


(I have some other questions regarding IoT use of mail submission services,
e.g. whether RFC8314 is suitable as-is for use on isolated IP networks, or
whether IoT devices should be required to use port 587 when submitting mail so
that the servers will know they have to treat such traffic differently than
message relaying.    So there might need to be a separate profile for mail
submission on networks that don't have DNS or connectivity to the public IP

Rfc6409 is clear when it says that a server MAY implement submission on port
25.  That entails that it can tell submitting clients from relaying ones.

I found no counter indication about MSA-proxies which submit to another MSA.

[*] Not a serious proposal for a name; I just wanted a shorthand notation for
it and that's what I came up with in a couple of minutes.   Suggestions 

s/SMTP/submission (possibly on port 25)/



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