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Re: [ietf-smtp] SMTP server reply extensions

2020-04-10 19:13:25
Of course it makes sense to reuse existing structured syntax when possible. 
for reusing existing enhanced status code, I'm really not on board with 
that -
I think new values are the right way to do it, and that once again we've 
guilty of integer-hoarding. (We really should have reserved a range for 
use, but there are enough values that it's difficult to get excited about

So you are recommending not using the 551 code for the redirection purpose?

I don't this the SMTP code you use matters much - the enhanced status code is
what I would look at to determine if there's additional information. But if
your information fits the 551 syntax, sure, why not? Although in our case I
think we use 450 since we regard this as a temporary failure. (AFAIK there is
no 551 temporary equivalent with the same semantics.)

Hmm. Now thinking further about this, I'm not sure 551 would be enough for my
purposes either. I think I'm going to need multiple different things returned
in the reply. So maybe I'll do it with a new private response code also. Any
recommendations what private codes to use? Maybe x.y.100 and over?

We used .99.


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