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Re: [ietf-smtp] MTA-MTA SMTP and TLS-on-connect

2020-04-26 17:00:04
In article <8d3d7446-db7d-ac04-2a36-258643254630(_at_)wizmail(_dot_)org> you 

Noting that
section 3.2 says that TLS-on-connect SHOULD be preferred over STARTTLS
(my rephrasing) - and that while T-o-c is reasonably common for MSA-MTA
but not for MTA-MTA -

should we think about technical means to facilitate the latter?

No.  The authors appear to be unfamiliar with the way that STARTTLS
works in practice.

In particular, if the goal is to ensure that all of the mail to a
domain is sent over an encrypted connection, we have MTA-STS.

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