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Re: [ietf-smtp] [Emailcore] Proposed ESMTP keyword RCPTLIMIT

2021-03-15 16:40:35
Hi, Ned,

On 15/03/2021 15:59, Ned Freed wrote:
The idea of a limits extension has come up several times before, but
for various reasons never went forward.

I think this extension is an important thing to have, so I've put together the
beginnings of a specification:

(I've tried to incorporate most of the ideas I've seen on the list, but have
probably missed some.)

Since this isn't directly relevant to emailcore, furthr discussion should be
taken to the ietf-smtp list, which I have cc'ed.


P.S. One thing that's definitely missing is an acknowldgements section.
Apologies for the omissiom, but I ran out of time. It will be the first thing I
add to -01.

In chapter 4 there is a copy/paste error: all three paragraphs within this chapter refer to:

"Description: RCPTMAX specifies the maximum number of [...]"

This should be:

"Description: MAILMAX specifies the maximum number of [...]" (par. 4.1)


"Description: RCPTDOMAINMAX specifies the maximum number of [...]" (par. 4.3)

which makes me think you wrote par. 4.2 before you wrote the other paragraphs :-)


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