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Re: [ietf-smtp] quoted-unprintable ?

2021-03-26 17:12:43
On 26/03/2021 13:56, John Levine wrote:

This would be a good time to reread RFC 5322, particularly the
first paragraph of section 2.1,

Which says “characters with values in the range of 1 through 127” which,
just by itself, means you have to escape *most* values.

I thought you were thinking up a better transfer-encoding for 8-bit MIME
Transport. RFC-6152 lifts that particular restriction allowing “messages
containing arbitrary octet-aligned material” which I took to include the
value 0 and (if considered unsigned) the values 128…255.

Maybe RFC-6152 meant 128…255 and *not* zero by “arbitrary”—that's just
not how I read it.

Escaping zero seems like a good idea given it's traditional use as a
terminator in C code.

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