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[ietf-smtp] Quoted-Printable-8bit

2021-03-29 00:14:17
For use in place of Quoted-Printable when SMTP Service Extension for
8-bit MIME Transport is supported.

For text content in UTF-8 or 8859 (or whatever), a version of
quoted-printable that allowed an octet with decimal value greater than
126 to be represented as itself. For data that is text, but not ASCII
text, this would be a more efferent and more readable/useful version of

This would be appropriate for the vast majority of text/plain and
text/html message parts I see in modern email streams.

This is not an answer for John Levine's quoted-unprintable project,
which I think he is envisioning as a replacement for Base64 in the 8-bit
MIME Transport case.

Until everyone does CHUNKING…

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