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Is the IANA a function performed by ICANN ?

2004-06-25 13:21:31
My understanding was that IANA is a neutral, independent, technical authority, everyone using the TCP/IP technology could trust, independently from any operational, political, national, commercial consideration which are the areas of ICANN, and of other bodies (such as GAC, MINC, ITU, ISOC, UN, etc.).

Also, that as the custodian of the references necessary to use the IETF IP, it was part of the IETF IPR protection system. I understand that it predated the creation of ICANN, of ISOC, of IETF and even (under the name of NIC) of the DNS.

I am therefore surprised and (IANAL) I am not sure about the implications of the following IANA definition, in a document ICANN is to publish on Monday :

"the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is a function performed by ICANN".

ICANN's position within the intergovernance is under UN study, subject to possible political negotiations or intergovernmental agreements (cf. the ongoing WSIS Prepcom meeting in Hammamet). ICANN is only under contract for three years with the USG. RIRs only entered into an MoU with ICANN on the grounds that it may not be still here in two years. The majority of ccTLDs are not interested in joining ICANN's ccNSO. I do not understand how this fits with the necessity of a perpetual, stable, not controverted, consensually accepted, trusted technical standard parameters repository?

Or do I read the definition wrong?

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