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Re: Friday @ IETF61?

2004-09-02 02:00:07
On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 03:07:06PM +0200, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:

Sometimes this has led to Friday being no sessions, or Friday having just 
"odd" sessions (like second slots). Last time, it was pretty full.

Pretty full?   There were two WG meetings and two BoFs... although
(for the first time?) there was an afternoon session (with 1 WG!).

Observe the trend - here is a summary of the IETFs since IETF 50:

IETF 50:  7 WG, 1 BoF
IETF 51:  7 WG, 0 BoF
IETF 52:  5 WG, 0 BoF
IETF 53:  No Friday sessions
IETF 54:  0 WG, 1 BoF
IETF 55:  No Friday sessions
IETF 56:  2 WG, 2 BoF
IETF 57:  1 WG, 2 BoF
IETF 58:  3 WG, 2 BoF
IETF 59:  No Friday sessions
IETF 60:  2 WG, 2 BoF

Since IETF 52 the Friday session has gone downhill from a "real" session
to become a parking place for a couple of BoFs and a couple of WG sessions
at best.

So we're starting out the same as last time: Friday is real.

So I'm not convinced that Friday was real last time :)  I think real is as
per IETF 50-52.  There's quite a difference.
Since IETF 52 we have had 5 Fridays used out of 7 IETFs, and yet in
those sessions only a total of 8 WG slots and 9 BoF slots.   That's 
essentially 1.6 WG meetings per Friday IETF session, and those are
(no disrespect :) minority WG meetings.

I feel we should either go back to treating Fridays like IETF 50-52 or 
just put 4 BoFs there and call it "special interest group day" or something.

I would have no objection to two full WG sessions on a Friday, but
I can see why most local (US) attendees would want to head off home at
lunchtime (from a US event).


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