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request for ICAR reviewers

2004-09-07 10:25:28
[Sorry if you see this announcement more than once.]


The ICAR WG is soliciting reviewers for an early, cross-area review
experiment within the IETF.  The goal of this effort is to get solid
review from a number of angles (security, internationalization,
transport, MIB know-how, etc.) early and often in a document's life

The ICAR WG's efforts are outlined in the following Internet-Draft:


The experiment has a web page at:

The first thing we need is a pool of reviewers.  To join the pool,
one must meet one (or more) of the objective criteria given at the
following URL.  Alternatively, a second ("subjective") path into the
pool is available, as well -- via AD sponsorship.  This path is also
detailed at the following URL:

Anyone who is interested in receiving announcements of documents
that the ICAR pool has been requested to review may subscribe to the
icar-announce mailing list.  The list is available at:

Once we get a reviewer pool established we will send out a
solicitation to WGs for documents to review.

Finally, we would like to stress that this effort is currently an
*experiment*.  We believe we have some of the large pieces in place
to provide WGs with solid reviews and to aid the IETF in its work.
However, there will be some bumps in the road.  We hope that the
volunteers and the community in general will help us iron our the
wrinkles.  We encourage folks to join and contribute to the WG.  The
charter / mailing list info is at:

For this early review effort to work we need folks to add a little
energy.  If everyone applies a small amount of their energy to these
sorts of reviews we believe that the entire IETF community will
realise large benefits.


Mark & Joel
(ICAR co-chairs)

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