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Re: IETF65 hotel location

2006-01-27 08:36:15
On Fri, 27 Jan 2006, Brian E Carpenter wrote:
This statement, "The Wyndham is less than a ten minute walk from the Hilton Anatole." is a bit odd -- at least Maporama prints out the distance as 22.7 kilometers, 16 mins with a car. Did I do something wrong?

You must have. Mapquest says 0.3 miles.

FWIW: there appear to be two locations "2201 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas". Maporama used zip code 75006 for me, while the correct appears to be 75207. I guess this explains the situation.

Based on what I hear on dialogue which happened on wgchairs list on this, it's still not clear if you can be expected to be able to walk from Wyndham to the venue...

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