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One IETF related Workshop informaiton,

2006-01-29 05:56:18
Dear All
Today is China's lunar new year day, and this year says "Dog" year. By taking 
this opportunity,
We'd like to announce one workshop information which is related to IETF mainly.
Around Feb. 27-28th, 2006, Beijing, China, CNGI Expert Commission will host a  
workshop on New Trend of Next Generation Internet. We welcome and invite  
who is involved in IETF, 3GPP2, IEEE related to MIP, IPv6, SIP, and FMC et al. 
to attend this workshop for free. If you are interested in attending this 
please dont' hesitate to let us know it.
The following link is last year workshop information:
We are also expecting that IETF meeting could be held in China someday.
Happy Doggie, Dog, Dongle Year to people who is interested in China's culture.
Many thanks,
Prof. Hequan Wu
Chief Scientist, China Next-Generation Internet Experts Commission 
Vice President, Chinese Academy of Engineering
Hui Deng
Chair of Organizing Committee
Workshop on New Trend of Next Generation Internet

(1) Organizers:  China Next-Generation Internet Experts Commission
      Host:          CERNET Center: China Education and Research Network Center
      Sponsor:     Hitachi (China) R&D Corporation.
(2) Date/Time:   Feb. 27th-28th. Monday/Tuesday, 2006
(3) Place:          Tsinghua Univ. FIT Building

Contact People:
 Fang Lv
 Tel: (86) 10-62795818-6322
 E-mail: fangl(_at_)cernet(_dot_)edu(_dot_)cn
 Yaohui An
 Tel: (86) 10-68522669
 Fax: (86) 10-68522669
 E-mail: ayh(_at_)cae(_dot_)cn
 Mob: (86) 13910750201
 Fax: (86) 10-6590-8179
 E-mail: hdeng(_at_)hitachi(_dot_)cn

Workshop Topics:
- IETF Mobile IP related (MIPv4, MIP6, NEMO, Mobopts, NETLMM).
- IETF SIP related (3GPP2 related).
- 3GPP2 IP related technology (MIP and IMS).
- IEEE 802.16,21 IETF related
- 100 by 100 project related
- GENI project related
- China Mobile Operators strategy and some solution. (China Mobile and China  
- China Fixed Operators strategy and some solution. (China Telecom and China  
- Foreign Mobile Carrier's strategy for next generation Internet.
- China Research Network Strategy for next generation Internet. (CERNET)
Draft Agenda but not yet finalized:
Feb. 27th
<Morning Session>    Chair: Prof. Hequan Wu (Chief Scientist of CNGI Experts 
9:00-9:30    Opening Address
             Dr. Hequan Wu  (Chief Scientist of CNGI Experts Commission)
9:30-10:00   Mobility in IPv4: Technology and Deployment, and other new trends 
of network.
             Mr. Henrik Levkowetz (Chair of MIP4 WG in IETF)
10:00-10:30  Invited speaker form NSF of USA
             Mr. (Invited by CERNET)
10:30-10:40   <  Coffee Break >
10:40-11:10  New Trend of Next Generation Internet of China Unicom.
             Dr. Yunjie Liu (Pre-CTO of China Unicom)
11:10-11:40  Docomo Next Generation All IP network
             Mr. Masami Yabusaki (Director of All-IP network development and 
standardization, DoCoMo)
< Lunch >
<Afternoon Session>       Chair: Gopal Dommety (Vice Chairman of MIP6 WG)
14:00-14:30  CERNET2
             Mr.   ( CERNET)
14:30-15:00  .. WG in IETF
             Mr.  (IETF) 
15:00-15:20   <  Coffee Break >
15:20-15:50  New Trend of Next Generation Internet of China Telecom.
             Mr. (China Telecom)
15:50-16:20  Fixed and Mobile convergence
             Dr.  (Hitachi)
16:20-16:50  ITU and IETF relationship
             Ms.  (ITU) (Lingtao, Jiang)
16:50-17:20  Network Trend
             Ms. (Invited by CERNET)
17:20-18:00  3GPP2 IMS
             Ms. Yan Li (Qualcomm)
<Banquet>    18:20-20:00
Feb. 28th
<Morning Session>    Chair: Prof.Ziqiang Hou (Chief Advisor of China Netcom)
9:00-9:30    IEEE 802.16 and Huawei
            Mr. Phillip Barber  (Chair of NETMAN, IEEE 802.16)
9:30-10:00   Mobile IPv6 in IETF
            Dr. Gopal Dommety (Co-Chair of MIP6 WG in IETF, Cisco) 
10:00-10:30  Invited speaker form China Academy of Science
10:30-10:40   <  Coffee Break >
10:40-11:10  New Trend of Next Generation Internet of China Mobile.
             Ms. (China Mobile)
11:10-11:40  IEEE 802.21 WG
             Dr. Ajay Rajkumar (Lucent)
10:30-11:00  New Trend of Next Generation Internet of China Netcom.
             Ms. (China Netcom)

<Afternoon Session>  Director of CERNET, Dr. Jianping Wu
 Forum and Visit CERNET2
  All Invited Speakers:
  Topics: New Trend of Next Generation Internet
Closing Address
Please allow us to introduce CNGI here,
The CNGI (China Next Generation Internet Project) was started in 2003. It will  
construct a big IPv6 network by the end of 2005 that will cover whole country, 
20+  cities, 39 core nodes, and 300+ access nodes. Then China may become a 
country that  has the largest IPv6 network. The CNGI project is leaded by state 
administrations.  They are National Development and Reform Commission 
(NDRC),the Ministry of Science  and Technology (MOST), the Ministry of 
Education (MOE), the Ministry of Information  Industry (MII), the State Council 
Informatization Office, the Chinese Academy of  Sciences (CAS), the Chinese 
Academy of Engineering (CAE) and the National Natural  Science Foundation of 
China (NSFC). 
To be the part of CNGI project, the telecom operators, who include China 
Telecom,  China Unicom, China Netcom, China Mobile and China Railcom, along 
with the academic  network CERNET and CSTNET, are responsible for constructing 
their own IPv6 core  networks. The CNGI network switch centers located in 
Beijing and Shanghai will  connect above IPv6 core networks and inter-working 
with international IPv6 trail  networks. . 
The CNGI Expert Commission was established to manage the project, and telecom  
operators, manufactures and research institutes have joined the effort. CNGI 
Expert  Commission has three sub working groups: the CNGI Network Construction 
Working  Group, the Network Application and Service Working Group and the 
Network R&D and  Industrialization Working Group. 
CERNET2 (Next Generation Education and Research Network in China) is the 
biggest  Native IPv6 network around the world which connect 100+ Universities 
and 100+  Research Institutes at 1Gbps+ 
China Mobile:    Mobile Operator with largest capacity in the world
China Telecom:  Most south part of China fixed operator and network access 
China Unicom:   No. 3 Mobile Operator and No. 2 CDMA operator ranked in number 
of  subscriber in the world
China Netcom:   Most north part of China fixed operator and network access 
CSTNET          (China Science and Technology Network)
China Railcom:  New telecom operator.

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