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Re: Last Call: draft-ietf-imapext-sort (INTERNET MESSAGE ACCESS PROTOCOL - SORT AND THREAD EXTENSIONS) to Proposed Standard

2008-03-04 09:50:57
I agree and will/have address[ed] these in AUTH48.

On Mon, 3 Mar 2008, Alexey Melnikov wrote:
The IESG wrote:

The IESG is considering the following document again now that important 
dependencies are ready:

  <draft-ietf-imapext-sort-19.txt> as a Proposed Standard

Hi Mark,
I've just reread section 7 of -19 and found some relatively minor things that 
need fixing:

7. Internationalization Considerations

    As stated in the introduction, the server SHOULD support the
    [IMAP-I18N] COMPARATOR extension and follow its rules to perform
    collations in the SORT and THREAD extensions.

As per your recent suggestion in the IMAPEXT WG, the COMPARATOR extension was 
renamed to I18NLEVEL=2.
The last sentence in section 1 needs to be updated as well.

    If the server does not support COMPARATOR, strings MUST be collated
    according to the i;unicode-casemap collation described in

I think you also mean that support for at least I18NLEVEL=1 is REQUIREd.

    As described in [IMAP-I18N], strings in charsets other than US-ASCII
    and UTF-8 MUST be converted to UTF-8 and compared in ascending order
    according to the selected or active collation algorithm.  If the
    server does not support the [IMAP-I18N] COMPARATOR extension, the
    collation algorithm used is the "en;ascii-casemap" collation
    described in [COMPARATOR].

The last sentence contradict the second paragraph quoted above. I think you 
forgot to delete it in -19.
If for some reason you want to keep it, then please change "en;ascii-casemap" 
to "i;ascii-casemap", as "en;ascii-casemap" is invalid.

I can recommend some replacement text, if you want.

-- Mark --
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