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Audio Streaming has begun - IETF 71 Philadelphia, PA, USA 9-14 March 2008

2008-03-09 10:58:08

The iepg meetings was the first stream to be  broadcast this morning 
Sunday the 9th starting at 1000 EST. It should be available on the 
archive this evening...

Starting tomorrow, All 8 parallel tracks will be broadcast begining with 
the commencement of working group sessions on Monday March 10 at 0900
EST (UTC-5) and continue until Friday at 1130 EST.

Because I have been asked several times in the past, note that if you
wish to use the rooms that are being recorded for impromptu meeting
during unscheduled sessions or lunch breaks that you can invite remote
participants to tune in to the appropriate stream. Recording cannot be
guaranteed for unscheduled sessions. Conversely, it should never be
assumed that recording or observation is not occurring on open
microphones, they are after all connected to the Internet.

The links for streaming sources and the are available in their 
traditional location:

I Look forward to seeing some of you in Philadelphia and hope that this
facility remains useful for remote participants in and observers of the
IETF Process.

Questions comments or immediate feedback about stream availablity or 
quality can be sent to:

joelja(_at_)bogus(_dot_)com (email)

or joelja(_at_)jabber(_dot_)psg(_dot_)com/joelja(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com 

Joel Jaeggli

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