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RE: Gen-art review of draft-ietf-netlmm-proxymip6-11.txt

2008-03-11 06:13:14
Hi Elwyn,

The need for the L2 interface identifier (such as MAC address) is
to predictably identify the interface of a mobile node. The Access
Technology Type in combination with the interface identifier is
used as the index field in the BCE. 

Looks like this is not implied. We can point to the
"MN-Interface-Identifier"  term and that should probably make it
OK.. I think some clarification is required to make sure that 
you always 
get the same IID.  As specified I didn't grok that it had to 
be the same 
one from wherever the node roams to.

I think a few extra words will sort that out and then we are done.

Sure. Will clarify this. 


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