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Re: IONs, RFC 4693, Core Process Documents, and BCPs

2008-03-13 15:01:08

On Mar 8, 2008, at 10:39 PM, Frank Ellermann wrote:

That is also a part of the ION concept:  *Public*, *documented*,
and *binding* rules without the need to track down obscure IAB
pages, IESG minutes, or recent change patrol in a wgchairs wiki.

I agree with the desire, and we have discussed achieving that without
IONs, by carefully choosing between Web pages, IESG statements
and RFCs (possibly BCPs).  Right now it's difficult to find anything in
the IESG Web site -- and I strongly believe that too many categories
adds to the confusion -- but Pasi has started to tackle Web site
navigation (way to hit the ground running) and I hope to help him.

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