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Re: experiments in the ietf week

2008-03-19 08:11:07
Hi Jari,

we have already started todo the same with other protocols in GEOPRIV. See


Jari Arkko wrote:
I really enjoyed the IPv6 experiment, thanks to everyone who was
involved. Obviously, the experiment and a couple of other recent things
(like moving to AMS service) made things move forward in a number of
different places, our own computers, IETF computers, various people's
own and company sites, etc. Perhaps the most notable achievement here
was That was really great, thank you Google!

But the experiment was useful also in other ways, not only as an
operational/deployment action. The two experiments that I attended
(NANOG and IETF) have changed my and maybe other people's opinions too
on some of the technical issues. I think it helps us see clearer on what
are the things that the IETF needs to do in this space. We will see
follow-ups on this.

We should also implement future IPv6 experiments and network deployments.

But why I'm really sending this e-mail is to suggest that IPv6 might not
be the only topic for such future efforts. Here's a challenge for the
RAI folks: What about SIP, as in every plenary participant making SIP
calls to each other. Doable?

Challenge for our IT folks: Internationalized Internet Drafts, including
file names. Doable?

ietf.pana in addition to ietf.1x. Doable?



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