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Late Last Call comments: draft-ietf-krb-wg-anonymous

2008-03-20 10:21:24

With one minor concern, I do believe this draft is ready for
publication as a proposed standard.  However I think this draft is
fairly rough as proposed standards go; I expect that we will end up
needing a new revision of this spec at some future point that refines
some of the details based on implementation experience.  That's what
our process is all about, so I am not bothered.

The following requirement is impossible to implement:

  If a client requires anonymous communication then the client MUST
  check to make sure that the ticket in the reply is actually anonymous
     by checking the presence of the anonymous ticket flag.  This is

As it turns out, a client cannot check ticket flags: it doesn't actually know  
the key needed to decrypt the ticket.
Perhaps you mean that the client should check the KDC flags.

Additionally, there are a few areas in which the spec is unclear.
These could be fixed now or fixed in a future revision of the spec.

First, if I call gss_display_name  on an anonymous principal in an acceptor, 
what do I expect to get back?

Second, if I provide the anonymous name to a KDC in an AS-REP with the
anonymous option set, but don't provide padata, should I expect a
preauth_required error from the KDC listing pkinit?
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