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fyi: Paper: "State of the Internet & Challenges ahead "

2008-03-20 12:04:52
Of relevance to pleanary/working group/hallway discussions of late. 

pdf available here (link to orginal .doc format below)..

(note that due to intra-document references in the original, the .pdf has 
"spurious" numbers interspersed in some of the text. .pdf produced by 

I minorly reformated the below message for readability.


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From: Steve Goldstein [steve(_dot_)goldstein(_at_)cox(_dot_)net]
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Subject: Paper: "State of the Internet & Challenges ahead "

Olivier Martin, a long-time colleague, formerly from CERN (the  
European high energy accelerator lab in Geneva), has a fine
"State of   the Internet" preprint on his web site. Be sure to
view it in Page   Layout so that you can see the footnotes.  I
did not at first, and   missed them entirely, which was very
confusing, as there are numbered   references listed at the end
as well.

Olivier has retired, but apparently keeps busy as a consultant. 
He   was a major player in CERN networking from the very start of
things.    In the early days, CERN was the hub of European
Internet Protocol   networking, and it still is a major player
because of the HUGE amounts   of data that are generated by the
accelerators and shared globally.

State of the Internet & Challenges ahead

"How is the Internet likely to evolve in the coming decade"

To be published in the NEC'2007 conference proceedings
 (see footnote (1) below)

Olivier H. Martin (2)

ICTConsulting, Gingins (VD), Switzerland


After a fairly extensive review of the state of the Commercial
and Research & Education, aka Academic, Internet the problematic
behind the, still hypothetic, IPv4 to IPv6 migration will be
examined in detail. A short review of the ongoing efforts to
re-design the Internet in a clean-slate approach will then be
made. This will include the National Science Foundation (NSF)
funded programs such as FIND (Future Internet Network Design) 
and GENI (Global Environment for Network Innovations), European
Union (EU) Framework Program 7 (FP7), but also more specific
architectural proposals such as the publish/subscribe (pub/sub)
paradigm and Data Oriented Network Architecture (DONA).

Key words: Internet, GÉANT2, Internet2, NLR, NSF, GENI, FIND,
clean-slate, new paradigms.

1 Introduction

While there appears to be a wide consensus about the fact that
the Internet has stalled or ossified, some would even say that it
is in a rapid state of degeneracy, there is no agreement on a
plan of action to rescue the Internet. There are two competing
approaches, evolutionary or cleanslate. While a clean-slate
approach has a lot of attractiveness it does not seem to be
realistic given the time constraints arising from the fact that
the IPv4 address space will be exhausted in a few years time,
despite the fact that IANA (3) (the Internet Assigned Numbers
Authority) is about to allow an IPv4 "trading model" to
be created (4). Therefore, the migration to IPv6 looks
"almost" unavoidable, though by no means certain (5), as
the widespread usage of Network Address Translators (NAT) and
Application Level Gateways (ALG) is both unlikely to scale
indefinitely and/or to meet the ever evolving Internet
users" expectations and requirements. However, new ideas
arising from more radical and innovative approaches could
probably be retrofitted into the existing Internet, e.g.
self-certifying names, à la "DONA" (6). The purpose of
this paper is to raise awareness about the ongoing initiatives
with a special emphasis on technical issues and possible remedies
or solutions, it does not attempt in any way to be exhaustive as
the subject of the Internet evolution including the societal,
ethical and governance aspects are far too wide and complex to be
addressed in a single article.


2 Olivier(_dot_)Martin(_at_)ictconsulting(_dot_)ch


4 Could IP address plan mean another IPv6 delay? - Network World

5 the cost/benefit ratio is still far too high to build a
convincing business case

6 Data Oriented Network Architecture


- --SteveG

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