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Re: fyi: Paper: "State of the Internet & Challenges ahead "

2008-03-20 14:34:00
On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 09:45:53AM +1300, Brian E Carpenter wrote:

Well, try reading it before you rush to judgement. I've always
found Olivier's opinions well worth listening too.

I tried reading it, but it is much more descriptive than perscriptive,
and in many places I didn't find a rationale to back up his opinions.
He also borrows a lot of material from many places, and while the web
pages are clearly marked in footnotes, in some cases it appears that
he does so without bringing in the context.  

For example, he has a diagram, "Areas of Internet Governance" which
includes in one of six clouds, "Illegal Activity: fraud, theft, child
pornography, gambling, trafficking, stalking, etc.".  Now, I don't
normally associate that (alongside Regulation, Legal Activity,
Standards, Operations, and Applications) as "areas of Internet
Governance" and he doesn't explain the meaning or the point he was
trying to make with that document.

As a result, I tried very hard to see what point he was trying to make
(and I reread the document based on your recommendations of his
opinions), but it was very hard not to dismiss him as a crank.
Perhaps a crank that had clearly mastered the game of buzzword bingo,
and with a clear bias towards circuit-switched networks with bandwidth
reservation as being far better than what the Internet currently uses,
which he calls "ossifying" and "degenerate", but I didn't see any
suggestions for how to make things better, even according to his
valuation criteria of what is good or degenerate.....

                                   - Ted
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