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Re: Gen-ART LC review of draft-ietf-eai-utf8headers-09.txt

2008-03-24 07:11:39
I sigh in my own general direction ;-)

1.2.  Relation to other standards

  This document also updates [RFC2822] and MIME, and the fact that an
  experimental specification updates a standards-track spec means that
  people who participate in the experiment have to consider those
  standards updated.

Process: The ID Tracker is showing this draft in Last Call status, but 
can't find (in the archive or in my personal folders) any Last Call
announcement, which I was looking for, in order to check how Chris 
the downref at Last Call time - I'm expecting that it will be quite
entertaining. Has anyone else seen such an announcement on IETF 
Note: Intended status is Experimental.

The subject line of the Last Call was

Last Call: draft-ietf-eai-smtpext (SMTP extension for internationalized 
email address) to Experimental RFC

and covered 2 drafts; this may be why you did not find it.

Exactly right (I was scanning by subject). While I'm amazed that the 
downref isn't being called out in the Last Call announcement, I think RFC 
tracks and standards levels are so arbitrary that they are useless, so 
I'm not complaining - I was trying to figure out if there really had been 
a Last Call announcement sent, that's all.
I actually don't see a downref here - this is an Experimental updating a 
Draft Standard (or Full; I don't remember current status well). If 
anything, this is unusual as an upref, not a downref....

Of course, you're right - I should not be calling this a downref, because it 
has nothing to do with normatively referring to a document that's at a lower 
maturity level/standards track level.

I should have just said "non-standards-track document updating a 
standards-track document".

And, as the document points out, people who participate in the experiment 
are affected, people who do not participate in the experiment are not, and 
it's not at all clear how to do the experiment without exactly this document 

So, I'm good.



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