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Re: Gen-ART LC review of draft-ietf-eai-utf8headers-09.txt

2008-03-24 01:15:15
Spencer Dawkins wrote:
I'm amazed that the downref isn't being called out in the
Last Call announcement

I wonder if you confused "downref" with the opposite case
for EAI, the drafts modify more mature RFCs, in essence
2822 and arguably MIME, that's an "upref", not a "downref".

If John *would* replace "character" by "octet" in 2821bis
based on normative references to say net-utf8, that would
be a "downref", because 2821bis wants to be a DS, while
net-utf8 is only a PS for the time needed to find errata
etc., before it can be promoted to DS.  

Of course he won't do this, s/character/octet/ is enough
for readers not knowing that 2821bis talks about RFC 20,
and if other readers wonder why saying "octet" for 7bits
makes sense they can figure it out starting with RFC 20.

"The most useful choice" seems very reasonable. The
current text seems to contradict other text in the
same paragraph.

Yes, for pure 2821bis 7bit hops "best choice" degenerates
into <liaden> "necessity exists" </liaden>.  


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