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Re: [Ltru] Possible RFC 3683 PR-action

2008-03-24 00:49:34
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Randy Presuhn wrote:

However, the vocabulary, style, content, and peculiar world-view of
this latest missive leave me more convinced than ever that "LB"
is indeed JFC Morphin, and that under the terms of RFC 3683
we are well justified in suspending the posting privileges for that

I'll mention a few things in relation to this: First, I believe the record in 
the archives of the LTRU list will show that at times in the past JFC attempted 
to circumvent actions taken to limit his posting privileges to that list by 
using alternate email addresses, signed under his same name. Secondly, at 
various times since his posting privileges to that list were first limited, the 
list received mail from posters presenting themselves by a different name but 
whose vocabulary, style, content and world view were decidedly similar to that 
of JFC. In short, "LB" is not the first instance of a poster to LTRU that I 
suspected of being a sock-puppet for JFC. Nor is it just of late that "LB" was 
suspected of being a sock-puppet for JFC.

Also, a quick search for "lbleriot" did not point to anybody engaging in public 
discussions except on the LTRU or IETF lists. I find that somewhat curious 
given LB's comment to be a member of a "multilinguistic working list": I 
suppose there could be a group of multiple individuals working on protocol 
specifications intended for the Internet or other such public systems but all 
of whose discussions are conducted on a private list, but it would be readily 
accounted for if, in fact, LB were no more than a sock-puppet.

Granted, LB's posts to LTRU have been neither as frequent or a long as were 
JFC's before his privileges were suspended. And granted that there is one other 
online presence for a "lbleriot" who, for over some period of time ending early 
last year, sold a number of items on eBay and apparently had very positive 
feedback. Neither of these points lead me to consider Randy's actions to be 
unreasonable, however.

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