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Re: Possible RFC 3683 PR-action

2008-03-25 07:27:21
Theodore Tso wrote:
Suppose you have 100 sock puppets all with gmail or hotmail accounts

Wait a moment, I don't know about hotmail accounts, but for gmail
it is possible to have corresponding "google pages", a profile, a
jabber account, etc., and the task to check how plausible this is
is not harder than for many similar accounts at other providers.

If you consider it as likely that an entity claiming to be Frank
Ellermann exists and created some <> pages,
then you'd find that this entity redirected all rev="made" links
plus a "contact" link on <> to
the Reply-To gmail address of this article.  You'd also find that
(derived from the horrible local part) confirms that theory.

It's also possible to submit mails using SMTP or rather RFC 4409
with Gmail accounts, in that case you'd see a normal source IP
in the header, not the "anonymous" Web mail IP.  FWIW, it is of
course no rocket science to arrange an "unsuspicious" source IP.

the positions of their Great Leader JFC, is in fact rough
consensus.   :-)

Yes, but faking a plausible legend would be hard work, and it is
tough luck when other folks simply challenge a "missing" legend:

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