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RE: Possible RFC 3683 PR-action

2008-03-24 16:22:22
On Sun, Mar 23, 2008 at 08:45:19AM -0700, Christian Huitema wrote a message 
which included:
using pseudonyms is a form of free speech
I am not familiar with the specifics of this case but in the internet world 
pseudonyms is very common. 
I agree that in a standard setting body hiding identities isn't a good practice 
and I would recommend to that the WG chair or the IESG Area Director will have 
the authority to ask for the identity of a member. We don't have to invoke that 
but it could be an addition to RFC 3683.

Tamir Melamed > Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 10:47:39 +0100> From: 
bortzmeyer(_at_)nic(_dot_)fr> To: 
huitema(_at_)windows(_dot_)microsoft(_dot_)com> Subject: Re: Possible RFC 3683 
PR-action> CC: ietf(_at_)ietf(_dot_)org> > On Sun, Mar 23, 2008 at 08:45:19AM 
-0700,> Christian Huitema <huitema(_at_)windows(_dot_)microsoft(_dot_)com> 
wrote > a message of 12 lines which said:> > > Does the IETF have a policy 
regarding misrepresented identities?> > I don't know but, in this case, the 
problem is not that he used a> pseudonym (after all, noone here knows if my 
name is really Stéphane> Bortzmeyer), the problem is that he used *two* 
identities, the second> one being setup only to workaround a PR-action.> > If a 
WG chair asks for five reviewers for an I-D, what will you think> if they are 
all the same person under different identities? > > There is no written rule 
today, because, before He Who Must Not Be> Named, noone was twisted enough to 
act that way.> > > In the particular incident, it is assumed that the person 
using the> > name of a famous French aviation pioneer is in fact someone else. 
On> > the one hand, using pseudonyms is a form of free speech. > > Nothing to 
do with the use of pseudonyms. That's a red herring.> > > 
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