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Re: [Ltru] Possible RFC 3683 PR-action

2008-03-24 21:07:00
Russ Housley skrev:
I cannot find one.  It seem to be a hole than needs filled.
Solution space:

At the time when I was assistant chair of the ICANN DNSO General 
Assembly, we had this exact problem with the many identities of "Jeff 
Williams"; he had enough pseudo-personalities on the list that he would 
sometimes claim to have a majority, jut from his own postings.

We resolved that by imposing a rule that when someone challenged whether 
a person was distinct from another person, that person had to prove to 
*someone* trusted by the community (not necessarily the accuser or the 
chairs) that these identities were distinct, for instance by offering 
copies of legal ID, or any other means convincing to that individual.

In the case of "Jeff Williams", the only evidence produced was phone 
calls from various identities with similar-sounding voices, so all but 
one of his identities were barred from the list.

It's not a pretty problem, but it's eminently solvable - and without 
impinging much on the ability to speak anonymously.


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