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RE: [Ltru] Possible RFC 3683 PR-action

2008-03-25 09:06:05
The PR-Action related aspects of a person using a bogus identity seem 
easy to address, perhaps using the mechanism that Harald 
suggested.  However, the implications on IPR are much harder.  In the 
IETF, posting to a maillist and speaking at a meeting are two ways of 
making contributions.  If we have the ability to speak
anonymously, how can the contributions be traced to a real person or 
company to support their IPR

This leads me to a conclusion that we need a clear policy stating 
that communications need to be linked to the real, verifiable persons 
making them.

Many people use gmail (and the like) email accounts without any 
attempt to hide their identity.  In fact may people participate with 
more than one email address without causing any confusion.  So, I see 
the need for a lightweight process to validate an identity whenever 
there is a suspected abuse.


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