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2008-03-24 11:27:39

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Subject: Re: [HOKEY] EMSK Issue


 > ... do the responsible thing, which would be to clearly 
define the  > applicability, along with providing an 
interoperable means of defining  > the key hierarchy for 
those usages that want to/can use it.

This is all I'm suggesting we do.  I think we should add text 
to the document that gives guidance on the types of usages 
for which a USRK would be appropriate.  Usages should be for 
functions related to the access network to which you are 
connecting, and for functions where it is reasonable for your 
access network to have an interest in authorization.

How about the following text for applicability: 

"It must be noted that any application of EAP keying material to other
usages such as handoffs, IP mobility or other applications is only
feasible when those services are provided either by or through the
provider handling network access.  It is also only feasible when those
usages only occur over EAP-capable interfaces. Hence, deriving USRKs or
DSUSRKs for usages other than those facilitated by the network access
provider is NOT RECOMMENDED." 

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