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Re: Write an RFC Was: experiments in the ietf week

2008-03-24 11:04:20

write an Internet Draft prior to the experiment,


*IPv6 Next Steps*

The Philadelphia IPv6 outage tested one specific aspect of the
transition - is there an IPv6 network on the other side to connect to
in due course, is it possible to run a pure IPv6 network?

I think that that is one useful data point to test but not the only
significant data point. In particular the biggest problem we have is
the exhaustion of IPv4 space. The most important network test to make
in my view is whether current generation machines work acceptably on
an IPv6+NATv4Share connection for typical end user tasks.

I agree, and I think that's been the focus of many folks working in this
space. Lets see what we can come up with for Dublin.

By 'acceptably' I mean ZERO-click administration. No configuration
tweaks whatsoever. If a product does not run out of the box it has failed.

*Secure WiFi Connection*

I would like to see some demonstration of the fact that the default
WiFi configuration on all existing platforms provides zero protection
against an 'evil twin' WiFi attack. Using WPA protection has little
value unless you have mutual authentication. The current specs don't
allow for that.

Is there something missing from ietf.1x ssid support that we've had for
years? It uses IETF standards, too...


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