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RE: Write an RFC Was: experiments in the ietf week

2008-03-24 18:19:20
I am willing to have a go at it next time round but only if I have some idea 
what I am expected to have on my machine and what authentication indicata I am 
to expect.

As it stands there is no way for me to evaluate an authentic or inauthentic 
experience. I don't know what authentic looks like. I have no trust anchor.

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Have you tried the SSID at the IETF meetings that is configured to make use of 


At 01:49 PM 3/24/2008, Hallam-Baker, Phillip wrote:

        Secure WiFi Connection
        I would like to see some demonstration of the fact that the default 
WiFi configuration on all existing platforms provides zero protection against 
an 'evil twin' WiFi attack. Using WPA protection has little value unless you 
have mutual authentication. The current specs don't allow for that.

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