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Re: experiments in the ietf week

2008-03-24 07:24:46
On 16 mrt 2008, at 21:42, Henrik Levkowetz wrote:

... Nearly all IETF mailinglists are still hosted on IPv4-only
servers, to name just one issue.

Umm...  At this time, most IETF mailing lists are hosted on a.k.a., which is IPv6 enabled.
(The numbers I have for active WGs are that 90 out of 120 lists
are hosted on  I can't really reconcile that with
your statement above.  Could you expand on your thoughts in
this respect?

IETF discussion list (and several others):

Received: from ( [IPv6:2001:1890:1112:1::20])

v6ops list:

Received: from ( [IPv6:2001:418:1::62])

This is excellent progress since the last time I checked somewhere  
last year, which was the basis for my statement.
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