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Re: experiments in the ietf week

2008-03-15 07:43:59

On 14 mar 2008, at 13.01, Jari Arkko wrote:
We should also implement future IPv6 experiments and network  

But why I'm really sending this e-mail is to suggest that IPv6 might  
be the only topic for such future efforts. Here's a challenge for the
RAI folks: What about SIP, as in every plenary participant making SIP
calls to each other. Doable?

Challenge for our IT folks: Internationalized Internet Drafts,  
file names. Doable?

ietf.pana in addition to ietf.1x. Doable?

I would like to second Jari's statement. To follow up to Joel's  
comment at the technical plenary on the issue of lack of operators - I  
believe that if the designers and vendors of some of the IETF  
standards better understood how they actually worked in real use cases  
and tried to deployment - we might find a lot more deployment issues  

I am all for it.

- kurtis -
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