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RE: Write an RFC Was: experiments in the ietf week

2008-03-24 18:12:26
Well I would submit that there is a major problem there on the security 
usability front.

Don't make me think. My tolerance for network configuration is vastly greater 
than the typical user. 

This has to all just work, just like my Apple Mac did on the home network the 
day I bought it. Not like my Apple Mac this morning which for some 
unaccountable reason no longer sees the machines it acknowledged before and 
gives me precisely zero information to allow me to determine the cause.

From: Jari Arkko [mailto:jari(_dot_)arkko(_at_)piuha(_dot_)net]

*Secure WiFi Connection*

I would like to see some demonstration of the fact that the default
WiFi configuration on all existing platforms provides zero protection
against an 'evil twin' WiFi attack. Using WPA protection has little
value unless you have mutual authentication. The current specs don't
allow for that.

Is there something missing from ietf.1x ssid support that we've had for
years? It uses IETF standards, too...


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