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amusing text from recently-published US Military standards

2008-03-24 18:09:21
Text from MIL-STD-188-220D, published March 2008:

"Request for comments (RFCs) are available from Network Information 
Center, 14200 Park Meadow Drive, Suite 200, Chantilly, VA 22021. The 
Network Information Center (NIC) can be reached, by phone, Monday 
through Friday, 7 AM through 7 PM, Eastern Standard time: 1-800-365-3642 
and 1-703-802-4535. RFCs may also be obtained from the DS.INTERNIC.NET 
via FTP, WAIS, and electronic mail. Through FTP, RFCs are stored as 
rfc/rfcnnnn.txt or rfc/ where ‘nnnn’ is the RFC number, ‘txt’ 
is a text file and ‘ps’ is a postscript file.  Login as “anonymous” and 
provide your e-mail address as the password. Through WAIS, you may use 
either your local WAIS client or TELNET to DS.INTERNIC.NET and login as 
“wais” (no password required). Through electronic mail send a message to 
mailserv(_at_)ds(_dot_)internic(_dot_)net and include the following commands in 
message body document -by-name RFC#### where #### is the RFC number 
without leading zeros or file /ftp/rfc/rfc####.yyy where ‘yyy’ is ‘ps’ 
or ‘txt’.  To obtain the complete RFC index, the subject line of your 
message should read “RFC index.”]"

Something tells me they haven't updated this boilerplate since the 
1980s.  I'm surprised there weren't any references to GOPHER.

t. charles clancy, ph.d.       
electrical & computer engineering, university of maryland
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