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Re: Call for Comments: What Makes For a Successful Protocol?

2008-03-26 12:09:11
On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 10:11 AM, IAB Chair <iab-chair(_at_)ietf(_dot_)org> 
   What Makes For a Successful Protocol?

 as an informational RFC.Before doing so the IAB wants to solicit from
 the community any last comments on this document.
 The document can be found at:

The first illustration in section 1.2.1 is misleading.  The narrative
about the success of HTTP is correct, but the selection of "VPN" and
"Firewall traversal" for inclusion is troubling.  To start with, I
don't see why VPN is included at all, and there's no explanatory text.
 Second, it seems to me that perhaps the most interesting/important
success for HTTP outside its original design space is in software
integration in general and "Web Services" in particular.  As for
firewall traversal... while accurate, this is not something that the
IETF is very comfortable with.

A.1.1 "HTML encumbrance only surfaced later".  What HTML encumbrance?
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