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Re: Call for Comments: What Makes For a Successful Protocol?

2008-03-27 06:47:10
On Wed, 26 Mar 2008, IAB Chair wrote:
The document can be found at:

The document seems to be in good shape and is useful.

Two comments:

Case study A4 discusses inter-domain multicast vs application 
overlays.  It seems as if the text is focused on inter-domain _ASM_ 
multicast; some of the facts stated do not apply to SSM.  I'm not sure 
what would be the best course here: rephrase the case study to be 
about ASM multicast or generalize slightly.

Case study A7 discusses radius vs tacacs+.  As a historical point, 
tacacs+ 2.1 from 1995 [1] had a very non-explicit boilerplate [2] and 
it's not obvious if there were any real restrictions to using it.  I 
don't remember anymore if there was something more to it but I 
certainly used :-).

In later versions, (4.0.4 from 1998) [3], the license was more 
explicit and pretty much like the old BSD license.

From that perspective, unless I'm missing something, it seems as if 
tacacs+ had open code and was more or less restriction-free.


  * Copyright (c) 1995 by Cisco systems, Inc.
  * All rights reserved.

  * Please NOTE:  None of the TACACS code available here comes with any
  * warranty or support.


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