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Re: IANA Update: Project to convert registries to XML

2008-07-15 04:19:03

this looks really good; a simple XML format, XSLT provided, registry served both as XML and proper XHTML.

Here are a few question/suggestions though...:

1) When you say

All existing URLs to protocol registries shall continue to work, and the new
formats will be available from our website at
as they are rolled out. that just for a transition period? Will the new formats eventually served for the old URLs?

2) I think it would be good to have stable HTTP URLs both to registries and individual registrations. For "simple" registries, would it be possible to assign predictable and stable id attributes to the XML (and the XHTML), so linking to fragments would work?

3) Registry format: I like registries that not only reference RFCs, but also tell their readers which section of the document has the reference. Will this be supported as an option?

4) Finally an idea for future work: use GRDDL (<>) to extract RDF from the registries.

BR, Julian

PS: Are people involved with this present in Dublin?
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