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Gen-ART review of draft-krishnan-v6ops-teredo-update-06

2010-05-26 10:59:16
I am the assigned Gen-ART reviewer for this draft. For background on Gen-ART, 
please see the FAQ at . 

Please resolve these comments along with any other comments you may receive.

This draft is basically ready for publication, but has nits that should be 
fixed before publication.

This is a reasonably well written short draft that injects randomness into 
Teredo IPv6 address generation and deprecates the Teredo cone bit.

I found a few nits:

(1) The first nit is right at the start of the draft (!).  This draft is 
clearly intended to update RFC 4380, but "Updates: 4380" is missing from the 
draft header on p.1.  Please add that.

(2) Section 3.2 on p.6 uses the acronyms RA and RS - they need to be expanded 
on first use.

(3) The first paragraph in the Security Considerations section (5) states the 
goal of comparable address prediction resistance (security) wrt a host directly 
attached to an untrusted Internet link, but nothing in the Security 
Considerations section indicates how close the technique in this draft comes to 
achieving that goal.  I suggest adding a short discussion of how 13 random bits 
compares with the level of randomness that can be expected from native IPv6 
address assignment mechanisms.

(4) idnits 2.12.04 found four more nits that should be easy to address:

  == You're using the IETF Trust Provisions' Section 6.b License Notice from
     12 Sep 2009 rather than the newer Notice from 28 Dec 2009.  (See

  == No 'Intended status' indicated for this document; assuming Proposed

  == The document seems to lack a disclaimer for pre-RFC5378 work, but was
     first submitted before 10 November 2008.  Should you add the disclaimer?
     (See the Legal Provisions document at for more information.) -- however,
     there's a paragraph with a matching beginning. Boilerplate error?

  == Outdated reference: A later version (-02) exists of

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