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Re: [core] Artart last call review of draft-ietf-core-coap-tcp-tls-07

2017-04-12 05:07:16
Hi Matthias,

On 12/04/2017 10:51, Kovatsch Matthias wrote:
Dear Mark

OK. Just curious -- is there a strong motivation here? It seems very odd to 
HTTP-like semantics over a custom UDP protocol (COAP) over WebSockets over
HTTP again, rather than just using HTTP (which AIUI you already have a mapping
The motivation is to connect the constrained environment to the Web browser. 
Ideally, one would use HTTP from the browser to talk to a HTTP-CoAP 
cross-proxy, which in turn talks to the constrained device. The problem here is 
that HTTP never properly and uniquely solved server push, which is quite 
crucial for resource-constrained devices and IoT use cases. Thus---even beyond 
the CoRE use case---people resort to WebSockets. Since WebSockets are just a 
browser version of TCP, people also have to invent their own protocol every 
time... This is where CoAP-over-WebSockets helps, of course with the primary 
focus to seamlessly connect to constrained devices.

I am not sure what is the preferred way to solve the async communication issue 
of HTTP. Server Sent Events, for instance, are already pretty close to the 
Observe mechanism. Maybe we could properly fix the push support of HTTP to 
counter the endless stacking of protocols a bit?
We have a WG for this: