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2017-07-01 21:43:27
In article 
 you write:
a three letter code that already exists as a gTLD. Afaik there are no
clashes right now, but past results are not a guarantee for the future.

COM is the three letter code for the Comoros Islands. I believe it is
also used by a few entities as their TLD :-)

That is the only name in the alpha-3 3166 list that's delegated as a
TLD, but I will admit that it could be problematic.  Fun fact: there
are enough names in .com to give 200 names to every resident of the

I have seen the arguments about reserving alpha-3 3166 codes and have
never seen any plausible explanation of what problem it is supposed to
solve.  Every place with a three letter code has a two letter code,
and the argument that the three letter codes are somehow more mnemonic
or better known is ridiculous.  (Quick, what are BES, COD, and TLS?)


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