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FW: [homenet] Ray and Mark are stepping down - Call for chair nominations

2017-07-03 21:32:58

I'm reposting this here for your awareness and interest.

Please email me directly (and offlist) if you are interested in a co-chair role 
in HOMENET and you would might the criteria as below.


On 21/06/2017, 10:37 AM, "homenet on behalf of Terry Manderson" 
<homenet-bounces(_at_)ietf(_dot_)org on behalf of 
terry(_dot_)manderson(_at_)icann(_dot_)org> wrote:

    Dear HOMENET WG,
    Both Ray and Mark (your WG Chairs) have expressed a desire to step down 
from the chair role. The HOMENET WG has had quite a tumultuous history and both 
Ray and Mark have seen it though with professionalism and a commitment to the 
Workgroup and the technology. For that they have my sincere thanks as Internet 
Area Director. Buying them a beer when next you see them in the bar would be a 
fine gesture as they certainly put in a significant effort for the WG! :)
    With that, the job of HOMENET is not yet over - there are milestones to be 
achieved and contributions yet to be put forward. Therefore, this is a call for 
(self) nominations for two new HOMENET chairs. Please email your expression of 
interest (detailing your IETF and Standards experience) directly to me by the 
10th of July (UTC).
    There are some expertise qualities I am looking for in the new chairs; 
awareness of DNS, naming systems, service discovery, security, and privacy. A 
candidate does not necessarily need to cover all of these facets, however my 
goal would be that between the two new chairs, this expertise is present. 
Naturally, I'm looking for candidates who are great communicators, understand 
the need for cross area dialog, and have shown that they embrace the IETF 
consensus process. Experience in an IETF leadership role is desired, but not 
    After the 10th of July Ray, Mark, and I will review the expressions of 
interest and create a shortlist. I will then have a discussion with shortlisted 
candidates in Prague and the chairs will be seated soon after the Prague 
    Ray has kindly offered to be a 3rd chair to help with chair-transition in 
between Prague and Singapore, so for a few months HOMNET will have the 
attention of 3 chairs.

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