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Re: quick observation about remote participation registration

2017-07-20 08:22:40

I would think that this should be even easier because, unless
someone can think of a reason to not do so, the registration
code for on-site registrations should simply work in Meetecho.
Putting you through a second registration/ signup procedure when
you are already registered for the meeting (and, in your case
but less in Spencer's use of in-room Meetecho was slide viewer,
likely in a hurry) seems like unreasonable bureaucracy.   If we
need to keep a distinction between on-site and off-site remote
participants, that distinction should be embedded into the
registration codes, not require the user to pretend to be two
people (which would actually distort the statistics).


--On Thursday, July 20, 2017 08:59 -0400 Andrew Sullivan
<ajs(_at_)anvilwalrusden(_dot_)com> wrote:

Dear colleagues,

This is just an anecdote, but today I got to a room that was
too crowded (I was late because of another obligation).
Unwilling to crawl over people, since I was the late one, I
went back into the hall.  In previous meetings I used meetecho
to follow along in this case, but since I hadn't registered it
was a little troublesome.  I just used the audio, and it's no
big deal, but it might be a useful illustration of one bit of
friction that comes because of the remote registration thing
(unless everyone registered on-site automatically gets a
remote registration too, maybe conveniently printed on the
badge or something).

Note that I am _not_ saying this proves anything about whether
registration is a good or bad idea or whatever.  I only
mention it as another anecdote (and of course, in one sense
the plural of "anecdote" is too "data").

Best regards,


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