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2002-07-23 20:46:16
On July 23, 2002 at 16:35, "Takashi P.KATOH" wrote:

- wrote a new function to clip iso-2022-jp text
- simplified the code somewhat

This is just intermediate product for full Japanese support;
in fact, the new function is not called from anywhere.

Thus, we need to modify the main code to call this function

I would prefer to avoid making exception to specific character
sets in the main code since it is a slippery slope with the plethora
characters sets in existance.

Ideally, everything should be mapped into Unicode (UTF-8), but
to do it properly, and robustly, will require Perl 5.8, or later.
I believe 5.8 will also have some nice encoding modules that allow
conversion to-from Unicode akin to how Java does it.  I've read
discussions about it on the perl-unicode mailing list.

Note: I did add a MHonArc::UTF8 module that does allow conversion
of message text to UTF-8, but text clipping is a problem as with
iso-2022-jp.  Is using UTF-8 acceptible for Japanese users?

A possible interim solution is to add yet another resource that
allows you to specify the "clip" routine used in resource variable
text clipping.  Therefore, you can specify the iso-2022-jp clip
function for iso-2022-jp message archives.  There could also be
a UTF-8 aware function for UTF-8 strings.

I'll try to get your changes to in for the next 2.5.10



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