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2002-07-24 12:25:52
On July 24, 2002 at 17:18, "Takashi P.KATOH" wrote:

I've not checked the UTF-8 related codes in MHonArc yet, but
I think clipping UTF-8 string is very easy if we use perl
5.8 or later.

I think it may be possible under 5.6 if done within a 'use utf8' block.

Is using UTF-8 acceptible for Japanese users?

This is a difficult question.

As far as we mention browsing, most recent browsers like
  Netscape 4.79       on FreeBSD (with Linux emulation)
  Mozilla 1.0 on FreeBSD
  IE 5.50.x   on Windows ME
support UTF-8, though it seems some browsers like lynx does
not support it.

What about w3m?

However, I think Namazu (and kakasi, which is widely used
with Namazu to process Japanese text) does not support UTF-8
(I'll check this in detail later).
This might be a big problem for us.

Hmmm.  Since I use Namazu in mharc, this is a concern for me
as well.

I'm wondering which free search engines do support UTF-8?


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