mharc Release: 0.5.0

2002-07-24 20:31:30
Release 0.5.0 made in /mnt/WWW/customers/
2002/07/24: v0.5.0

* bin/mk-procmailrc
  . Added -out option that can be used to specify the name of
    the procmailrc file to generate.  If not specified, the PROCMAILRC
    variable in lib/ is used.  Otherwise, the default value is

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This implies that the name of the main procmailrc
                    used by mharc has changed from
                    $SW_ROOT/.procmailrc.  This is to avoid potential
                    conflict with environments that use Procmail as a
                    local delivery agent and MHArc has been extracted
                    in the home directory of the archiving account.

                    If upgrading, all you should have to do is
                    invoke "make" to create the procmailrc with
                    the newer filename.  Then, you can remove the
                    old .procmailrc.

* bin/web-archive:
  . BUG FIX: Restored older semantics for $LIST-NAME$: It equals the
    list name as represented by the directory name for the list
    archives.  This change back only has an effect for complimentary
    CVS commit archives since the $LIST-NAME$ is used as the search
    index name.

    A new resource variable, $LIST-TITLE$, is used to represent the
    displayable list name.  For CVS commit archives, this variable
    will have the "[CVS] " prefix.

    In sum, everywhere the list name is used in links or form input
    elements, use $LIST-NAME$.  Anywhere else, $LIST-TITLE$ can
    be used.

  . Added $EXTRACT-CGI$ resource variable
    (see cgi-bin/ change entry below for
    more information).

* cgi-bin/
  . NEW: CGI program to extract original raw message.  It is intended
    to be used in HTML archive message pages to allow the reader to
    retrieve the original mail message.

    The file lib/ has been modified to include
    an "[Original]" link on messages pages.  If you would like this
    feature in an existing mharc archive, you will need to edit
    your lib/ an add the link.  Here is the resource
    setting added to lib/

    href="$IDXFNAME$#$MSGNUM$">Date Index</a>][<a
    href="$TIDXFNAME$#$MSGNUM$">Thread Index</a>][<a

* lib/
  . Added EXTRACT_CGI variable that represents URL to extract-mesg.cgi.
  . Added PROCMAILRC variable to define main procmailrc file used
    by bin/mk-procmailrc and bin/filter-spool.
  . Added ORGMAIL_LOCK_TIMEOUT to set lock timeout used by filter-spool.
  . Added LOG_DIR variable to represent location to place log files.

* lib/
  . Replaced $LIST-NAME$ with $LIST-TITLE$ in MSGPGBEGIN resource.

* etc/, etc/
  . Added denial of files starting with "procmail".

* bin/apply-conf:
  . Explicitly remove group and other write bit on generated files
    that are executable.  This helps avoid Apache HTTP server suEXEC
    problems with CGI programs.

* bin/filter-spool:
  . Rewritten in Perl.  Run program with -man option to view manpage.

* bin/read-mail:
  . Rewritten in Perl.  Run program with -man option to view manpage.


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